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The reputation quote from Warren Buffet is as follows: “To build a reputation takes twenty years and to ruin it five minutes. You can do it differently if you think about it. “It is a legacy that is breakable and must be protected, but you can handle the dream of your brand with only a little sense of commitment.

Successful brands worldwide share one thing and this is undeniably a vibrant online community of brand fans and influencers involved in online discussions that lead to high-value social media content (UGCs), giving them incredible insights into consumer behaviour, interests and new business opportunities. User-generated content is an important tool to build brand recognition and trust. Consumers today find user-generated content 50 per cent more reliable and 35 per cent more memorable than any other form of media, and 25 percent of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content. Content moderation protects your brand and your users. It helps you understand your users, too.

Content Moderation is a process in which user-generated submissions are controlled and apply a predetermined set of rules and guidelines to decide whether contact (in particular post) is suitable or not.

In the past, the role of content management was negative. But Godspeed IT Services tends to  shift the view from this illustration. Moderating inappropriate content online is vital work to shield innocent people from horrendous content.

 We are the world’s leading company for both live content moderation and post moderation in community management and UGC moderation with an experience of over 560 million moderator posts with 99 percent accuracy and hundreds of our qualified moderators to protect the your communities 24 * 7 * 365.

Sensitive moderation

We don’t deal apples and oranges alike. Moderation is not just a preference of ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ because acts require a different response to each of the violations. In addition to the Method Awareness Check, weekly updates such as proof of definition help our moderators get to grips with the complexities of country-specific languages, cultures and traditions, including native languages.

Absolute Pace

Our QC techniques show that the fast-run moderation system manages content triage without being influenced by speed-exactitude compromise ensures optimal efficiency.

Zero Crowd Source Policy

We also place priority on your data protection. Our in-house workers only process all the material in a safe premise. All of our employees have signed NDA to ensure the protection of content.

Godspeed IT services serves almost 9 various industries and some of our clients are top names in their industry

  • Dating Sites
  • Social Networking
  • Educational Portals
  • News Platforms
  • E-Commerce Portals
  • Gaming Portals
  • Online Review sites
  • E-Learning platforms
  • Websites & Apps with User-generated content.

Benefits of Content Moderation: -

  • Moderation of content lets you understand the users’ thought process.
  • Moderated content helps increase the rankings of website traffic & search engines rankings.
  • Content Moderation lets you expand promotions quickly