Image Moderation

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Unattended access to your website, e-commerce or online marketplace opens the door for undefined, negative publicity and can harm your reputation. A pragmatic solution is to track and delete photos and videos in seconds if they are inappropriate. 

All photos that users upload or share on your site are handled by our professional photo moderation teams 24X7. Because images have the biggest visual effect on users, we make sure that we have very short turning times and more than 99 percent accuracy. Our picture editing services are highly economical with professional moderators combined with personalized deals.   

May it be a Profile, a Public, a Private Album or any Specialized Album, our account team will tailor our Image Management solution to your unique needs. Our professional image evaluation teams make us the world’s leading content analysis and measurement firms.

Given the complexities of ambiguity and context, our human moderators are trained to report violations in the grey regions, making final image decisions which are in line with your brand guidelines. 



We provide 24X7 measurement services so that any image is moderated when uploaded or shared. Our delivery model, state of the art technology and professional moderators ensure that the outcomes of moderation are as fast as possible.


Our in-house quality control department ensures that your site only contains such imagery that is in line with your policy and tracks every moderated picture carefully. Our moderators in the industry benefit from continuous review and feedback.


Our services are highly effective and economical thanks to professional staff, fast learning curve or personalized and flexible deals. Our flexi-model helps you to hire more staff at peaks and lower rates. We are right in your hands with the budgetary regulation.


Regardless of whether it’s relaxation practices, resource quality, ideal scheduling or budgets, our accounting department will collaborate with you to achieve your unique business objectives and personalized solutions. We believe in long term relationships.

Standard Moderation Guidelines

In the following categories, our highly qualified moderators provide clear objective assessments for compliance:

  • Violence and threats
  • Illegal drug use
  • Obscenity
  • Nudity and pornography
  • Graphic content
  • Self-Harm
  • Child-related issues (COPA compliance and cyberbullying)
  • Identity and privacy
  • Hate speech
  • Phishing and spam

Godspeed IT Services offers image moderation services which

  • Ensure the business practices and legal requirements are complied with.
  • Track child related compliance and cyberbullying related issues.
  • Protect your 24X7 reputation and service users.
  • Offer the customers and users a secure place.